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Updates & Announcements

Hey CollaborActivists!

I hope this month's been good to each of you. I'm here with a few exciting announcements and things to look out for on your home page:

  • Starting in September, you'll start to receive your long-awaited NEWSLETTER, but I need your help filling it out! Along with any exclusive perks & benefits, we want this newsletter to be a way for you to share what's going on with you. So, if you have events, performances, job opportunities, press and/or overall exciting news- email me at so I can share it with the everyone!

  • The Light is halfway through their summer tour! Click here for all info on their schedule and their upcoming performances at Kidzapalooza this Thursday!

  • On your homepage, you'll see a video of the week and a playlist. Videos will continue to rotate and will feature a combo of responses to current events and newly-released videos of our work. Keep your eyes on those sections. Have a playlist or video you want to share? Send it to me!

  • Let's welcome some of our new members: Ada Cheng, Steve Silver, Ron Lipski, and Darren Jones! These folks were all part of our last season, which we couldn't have done without them.

  • We have some exciting news to announce about Oh Colonizers, stay tuned for next week!

  • Lastly, the Co-Lab is YOUR space! Don't be afraid to start creating those affinity groups, starting conversations, following other members and more. Click around, there's a bunch to see!

In Community,

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