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Live on August 22, 2020 at 7pm (CST)

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Engage with the powerful work of Chicago's youth artists. The Light, a Chicago Youth Theatre Festival, is a collection of short plays, devised theatre, dance, spoken word and performance created by youth from throughout the Chicagoland area using art as a platform for activism. Experience the talent and power of Chicago’s young artists!

The 2020 Light Line Up

(in alphabetical order by title)


Battle of “Breakers Vs. Bombers”

by Cari Bermudez (She/Her/Hers)

Performed by Graffiti Rhythms Dance

A young man deals with a bully and stands up for himself through A Hip Hop dance battle promoting unity and the anti-bullying movement. 


Clowning ArounD

Written and performed by Ethan Akins (He/Him/His) and the Collaboraction Peacemakers Ensemble

A teenager explores her ignored mental illnesses as three clowns show her how her lack of acknowledgement has caused them to overrun her life. The clowns take her into a dream world in which she finds acceptance and closure


I, Too,  America

by Aria Mallare (She/Her/Hers)

America was born of freedom and founded in liberty. These principles were written into this country's DNA, however, for many people of color, those principles are only dreams. "I, Too, America" speaks to the truth that though America is still a work in progress, the seeds of revolution that she has planted in her people's hearts will fulfill the promise of liberty and justice for all.


Make Your Mark

by Teh’Ray Hale Jr. (He/Him/His)

A young man who is stuck in his office job. As he daydreams of a life pursuing his love of dance, he transforms from a dreary worker overtaken by life's daily grind into a manifestation of dance itself. 


Make America Great Again

by JJ Binion (He/Him/His)

Inspired by his peers and the 2016 election, JJ uses found material and a spoken word to tell the story of a young, Black college republican who goes on a journey of self discovery and acceptance.  


My Dog Feelings

by Greyson Smith (He/Him/His)

A spoken word piece where an unhealthy relationship between one's body and one's mind is personified as that between a dog and its owner. The piece aims to understand why we separate ourselves from our bodies to change them, when that ultimately and predictably leads to harm.



by Antwon Funches (HE/Him/His)

Through his piece “Perceptions”, Antwon explores the Black-American experience of being racially profiled and questions the validity of anti-Black fears.


The Nightly Show with Dani Mauleon

by Dani Mauleon (She/Her/Hers)

Undocumented immigrant and Chicago artist Dani Mauleon reports on the tragic irony of her adventures in the U.S.A. with heartfelt and sometimes comic insights in this original news satire program.



by Christian Aguilar (He/Him/His)

A Black father stops his teenage son from delivering a package to their neighbor, after it is mistakenly left at his family’s door. Inspired by the story of Brenden Walker, a Black teen who who was nearly shot by a white homeowner after he knocked on his door seeking directions after he became lost. 


Where’s June

by June (She/Her/Hers)

Where’s June follows the adventures of June, a youth poet, prophet and activist promoting positivity and love. 

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