2019 Launch:

Kennedy-King College in Englewood

740 W 63rd St 

August 15 at 7pm - La Follette Park Line Up

August 16 at 7pm - Douglas Park Line Up

August 17 at 7pm - Hamilton Park Line Up with Peace Panel & Free Meal at 5pm

Chicago Tour:

La Follette Park in Austin 

1333 N Laramie Ave

September 13 at 6pm

September 14 at 1pm with Peace Panel & Free Meal at noon

Douglas Park in Lawndale

1401 S Sacramento Dr

September 20 at 6pm

September 21 at 1pm with Peace Panel & Free Meal at noon

Hamilton Park in Englewood

513 W 72nd St 

September 27 at 6pm

September 28 at 1pm with Peace Panel & Free Meal at noon

Peacebook is Collaboraction's annual performance festival of short works about peace and peacemaking in Chicago. In 2016, the first Peacebook Festival launched, touring to the south and west sides of Chicago with free performances, workshops and meals. In 2017 the festival kicked off at the Goodman Theatre before touring Chicago. 

In 2019, Collaboraction will produce 21 world premiere short works of 7 minutes or less as part of the festival. Peacebook is curated through a combination of open and invited submissions from emerging and established artists throughout the city. Every performance is followed by a Crucial Conversation and the festival serves to unite Chicagoans and engage the audience with the Chicago Peace Movement.

LA Follette park line up

Kennedy-King College in Englewood

740 W. 63rd Street

Thursday, August 15 at 7pm

La Follette Park in Austin

1333 N. Laramie Avenue

Friday, September13 at 6pm

Saturday, September 14 at 1pm

Roger That

Written and performed by Shaquille McDaniel

Directed by Anthony Moseley

Performed by Gaby Rose

This invigorating, hip-hop performance inspired by the theme song of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood speaks to the struggles people face everyday on the south side of Chicago.


Written by May Treuhaft-Ali

Directed by Jordan Tragash

Performed by Jordan Gleaves (Trey) and Scot West (Philip)

A devised piece inspired by the transformation of the Stewart School in Uptown from one of the 50 schools closed by CPS in 2013 to a luxury apartment complex, as a symbol of widespread inequality and gentrification. 


Stress, My Best Friend

Written by Lawrence Mead

Directed by Carla Stillwell

Performed by Lawrene Mead and Cameron (Cam) Maxwell

Mead’s rap promotes mental health awareness in urban communities. 


Seeking Relief

Devised by James Hesla

Directed by Juan Castaneda

Performed by Debbie Banos

Taken from actual cases before the immigration court in Chicago, this monologue seeks to highlight the experiences of asylum seekers who arrive at American borders from Latin America. 


Free Range

Written and performed by Tarnynon Onumonu

Directed by Hannah Baker

Performed by Christ (Citizen X) Clark

A testimony of how systematic racism is reflected in Chicago’s city planning and accessibility to public transportation, through the eyes of a native southsider, immigrant daughter and a working class citizen. 

Mushrooms Essences and Flower Essences

Written and performed by Ajooni Kaur 

and Ken Bruce

Directed by Reginald Edmund

An unlikely pair discover they are soulmates while radically healing their sexual trauma.

Let it Go

Story by Jawaun Martell Stamps

Written and performed by Ozivell Ecford

Music by Shawn Wallace

An original story electrified with new music, Let It Go grapples with the consequences of seeking revenge through gang violence and challenges us to consider how cycles of violence can be broken. 

Douglas park

line up


Kennedy-King College in Englewood

740 W. 63rd Street

Friday, August 16 at 7pm

Douglas Park in Lawndale

1401 S. Sacramento Drive

Friday, September 20 at 6pm

Saturday, September 21 at 1pm


Dance Tribute to the Chi-lites

Choreographed by Kasey Foster

Performed by Yana Atim, Brandon Boler, Meagan Dennis, Veronica Gutierrez, Austin Kopsa, Tyshaun Lang, Jessica Liu, Emily Loar, Carolyn Minor, Lauren Rice and Christopher Sylvie

A dance tribute to The Chi-Lites, an internationally celebrated Chicago R&B band that began in Hyde Park in 1959, highlighting moments of love and empathy. 

Broke Down Drone 

Written by Willie Round and G. Riley Mills

Directed by J. Nicole Brooks

Assistant Director Tatyana Chante

Performed by Max Thomas (Davontae) and Stephen Wilkes (Anthony "Roc")

In a rundown recording studio on the west side of Chicago, two young men attempt to fix a broken drone which they see as their ticket to success and a better life. 

From Chicago To Gaza

Written and performed by Logan Lu

Lu performs two pieces of spoken word.  One explores the relationship of Chicago’s citizens with the police in the wake of the Chicago Bulls Championship in 1991.  The second explores the Israeli Palestinian crisis through the eyes of a young child.


City Echoes 

Written by Aaron Evans

Directed by Rose Shapiro

Performed by Aaron Evans (Stanley) and Kimberly Banks (Stella)

A businesswoman and a trumpet player develop a brief, but powerful connection through art and music in this intimate devised piece. 


Written by Greg Hardigan

Directed by Lance Baker

Performed by Gregory D. Hicks and Joshua Seeger

Three fathers contemplate making sense of their chaotic, unpredictable, and sometimes violent world. 

Everybody Loves Pizza, Don’t They?

Written and performed by Antonio Brunetti

Directed by Dan Tabue

Pepperoni pizza is the new melting pot. The process of making a delicious pepperoni pizza becomes a metaphor of the ingredients that make our city diverse and special. 


A Star Is Born: Making Awareness

Choregraphed by Bril Barrett

Performed by M.A.D.D. Rhythms

What does it take to make greatness?  Knowledge of your history, exposure to the legends, commitment to the dance, and a willingness to create! M.A.D.D. Rhythms takes a deep dive into the consciousness of tap.

hamilton Park

line up


Kennedy-King College in Englewood

740 W. 63rd Street

Saturday, August 17 at 7pm

Hamilton Park in Englewood

513 W. 72nd Street

Friday, September 27 at 6pm

Saturday, September 28 at 1pm




Choreographed by GiGi Tonye

Performed by Christina E. Fontenelle, Lichelle Johnson and Ericka Robinson

Addressing the impact of violence on mental health and exploring dance as a form of therapy and a means for healing.



Written and performed by Antwon Funches

A poem that showcases the beauty of being Black through heritage, history and music. 

Wolf Cry

Written and performed by Foreign Prophesy

This spoken word, music infused piece is a call for acceptance of cultural differences, and encourages speaking up about how cultural differences are okay and not inferior.

Chicago Food Justice 

Devised by Sophia Pietrkowski and Madi Delk

Performed by E'a the Wholistic Artist, T'Yanna Smith and Milea Robinson-Wright

A devised investigation of our relationship to food, and how food accessibility in Chicago is directly linked to systematic inequality and oppression. 


Written and directed by Ahmed Al-Hassan

Performed by Bria Jackson

This monologue examines how different people and generations react to oppression and trauma in contrasting ways by following a woman working to ensure the safety of her family.



Written by Nambi E. Kelley

Directed by Patrese D. McClain

Assistant to Nambi E. Kelley: Sophia Roth

Assistant to Patrese D. McClain: Sydnee Johnson

Performed by Nicole Bond (Woman) and Dominique La'Shea (Chantal)

A short play in which a struggling, young woman sees herself in Michelle Obama’s Chicago roots, but wonders how their lives ended up in such different places.


The Movement Starts Here

Written and performed by Sir Taylor

Directed by Anthony Moseley

Collaboraction’s 2017 Artist Award winner, founder of The Example Setters, presents a new work of spoken word, hard truths and literal leaps of faith.

of the past



Artistic Director, Anthony Moseley  on ABC 7

ABC7 NEWS: Chicago's social issue-driven theater company, Collaboraction, is excited to bring their PEACEBOOK Festival back for its second year. Click here to read the full article. 

GQ and Tyrone Taylor of 17 to New Life on WGN Radio

WGN RADIO: Collaboraction Artistic Director and PEACEBOOK curator Anthony Moseley, GQ of The Q Brothers and performer Tyrone Taylor join Justin to discuss Collaboraction’s 2nd annual PEACEBOOK Festival. 

Click here to hear the full interview. 

 Chicago Tribune:  Collaboraction second annual Peacebook festival kicks off at the Goodman theatre

"to bring Chicago's wounds to the forefront."
Click here to read the full article.  


PEACEBOOK is presented as part of the Chicago Park District’s Night Out in the Parks series, supported by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Arts programming in neighborhoods across the city advances the goals of the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Cultural Plan. Now in its sixth year, the 2018 Night Out in the Parks series will host over 1,000 cultural events and programs at more than 250 neighborhood parks throughout the city, making community parks a safe haven and hubs of activity. Projects will vary from traditional performances and concerts, to movies, peace rallies, community workshops, nature based programs, dance pieces, festivals, and more. The Chicago Park District has partnered with more than 100 arts and community organizations to expand and produce this successful initiative.

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Winner of a 2018 Otto Award for groundbreaking political theatre

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