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Oh Colonizers is a pointed and satirical web series pilot on the history and connection between post-Civil War America and the Capitol Insurrection. The series was created by Carla Stillwell and produced by Collaboraction.

Watch the pilot episode of Oh Colonizers ON DEMAND!

Now through March 31, 2022

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ABOUT Oh Colonizers

In the pilot episode, Chicago’s self-proclaimed Cultural Historian of Black Joy and Resident Philosopher, remixes a Masterpiece Theatre format with a TV reality dating show to expose the folly of “Honkey Kong 2021.” With her signature humor and insight, Stillwell unpacks the ways white people throughout America’s history have spread "oppression mayonnaise" over countless Black and Brown people, focusing particularly on the period after the Civil War when America had a choice between emancipation, reconciliation, and capitalism. The 20-minute show is punctuated with several hilarious mock TV ads peddling white people’s favorite false products and services, like Audacity Energy Drink, Colonial Savings and Loan, and Confederate Cellular.


Watch the January 6th screening of Oh Colonizers, followed by a Crucial Conversation with creator Carla Stillwell. Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive an link to view the episode via email.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Paul M. Angell Foundation.

MEET Carla Stillwell

Carla Stillwell (she/her) is the creator of Oh Colonizers and Collaboraction's Producer.

Ms. Stillwell has been an award-winning actor, playwright, producer, artistic director and teacher for three decades. Ms. Stillwell is a teaching artist with Victory Gardens Theatre and will be joining the Loyola University theatre department’s adjunct staff in Spring 2022.


Ms. Stillwell has founded The Stillwell Institute for Contemporary Black Arts. This organization moves with a mission to recruit, develop and support contemporary Black artists and to teach art making in the Black community as a healing practice, a vehicle for social change and a viable career opportunity. Most recently, she has joined the staff of Collaboraction as the company's first full-time producer.

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When: ON DEMAND now through March 31, 2022

Location: Online. A link will be sent to you when you purchase tickets for the event.

Who can attend? Everyone is welcome to join. This programming is ideal for ages 16+, or with guardian supervision for younger attendees.

Cost: $6.00 Ticket or FREE with a CollaborActivist Membership!