Equitable Pay for All

Collaboraction is deeply committed to equity within the arts. From equitable access to artistic content across Chicago to uplifting the voices of diverse artists and their stories, equity is paramount to Collaboraction's mission and work. 

Collaboraction's Equitable Pay for All policy

adds transparency and equity to our pay procedures.

The Equitable Pay for All policy begins on July 1, 2020:


  • All staff and artists for mainstage programming are paid at a rate of $18 per hour

  • All artists for work produced as part of our youth programming are paid at a rate of $15 per hour

Sustainable Pay Equity

Currently, Chicago's minimum wage is $13.50 per hour and the national minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Artists are highly skilled and we value their time, training, labor, and vision. Collaboraction further commits to adding a $1 per hour to the $18/$15 pay rates every year that it is economically fisable to account for inflation and cost of living increases. 

Labor Equity

Additionally, all design aspects that create Collaboraction's productions are equitably supported with  technical directors, technicians, and labor assistance.

Join us.