BECOMING was featured on Unifying America, a national segment on CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell on Feb. 1, 2021. 

Interviews include Artistic Director, Anthony Moseley, former Executive Director, Marcus Robinson, and artist Sean Patrick Leonard,  as well as footage from our monthly workshop Becoming and our World Premiere A Blue Island in the Red Sea.

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BECOMING is a program that provides space and fellowship for people looking to understand White Privilege, unlearn inherent White Supremacy, engage in meaningful dialogue around systems of oppression with others, and support each other in being actively anti-racist moving forward. 

Hosted by Artistic Director Anthony Moseley and Board Member Director Dr. Marcus Robinson.


Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome to join. This programming is ideal for ages 16+, or with guardian supervision for youth under age 16. Attendees do not have to attend every session, but are FREE to do so. 

Cost: FREE

Questions: info@collaboraction.org


We are grateful to everyone (audience, production team, hosts and guests) who helped make our first two seasons of Becoming and Crucial Connections a success and created a digital platform for our mission.

Stay tuned for Season 3 starting in February 2022 with new and improved elements!

Past Topics & Conversations Include: 

May 4 at 6 pm (CST)
Andy Swindler of Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation

June 1 at 6 pm (CST)
Juneteenth and George Floyd: One year later. What Have We Learned?


July 6 at 6 pm (CST)
The American Dream: A discussion around the National Anthem


August 3 at 6 pm (CST)
The Role of Technology in Human Development and Dismantling Oppression


September 7 at 6 pm (CST)
Arab Americans and Whiteness with Jamil Khoury of Silk Road Rising

October 5 at 6 pm (CST)
Connections between the Civil War and the 2021 Insurrection featuring Oh, Colonizers by Carla Stillwell


November 2 at 6 pm (CST)

December 7 at 6 pm (CST)

Holiday Dinner Peace Strategies (or How to Help Uncle Don See the Light)