The light

A Chicago Youth Theatre Festival 

July 11-14, 2019

at the Pentagon Theatre for Social Justice

at Collaboraction Studios - 1579 North Milwaukee Ave in Chicago

Engage with the powerful work of Chicago's youth artists. The Light, a Chicago Youth Theatre Festival, is a collection of short plays, devised theatre, dance, spoken word and performance created by youth from throughout the Chicagoland area using art as a platform for activism. Experience the talent and power of Chicago’s young artists!

The festival features two programs of work - Radiance and Brilliance - that perform in repertory. Buy a ticket for one program or a festival pass that covers both programs!

Chicken Scratch of My Mother Tongue

by Aria Mallare

A poetic homage to cultural diversity in America and its effect on individuals.


Heal You

by Teh’Ray Hale Jr.

A dance piece about the inspiration of dreamers to push past their fears.


Live and In People

by Eric Fetty

A satirical stand-up comedy show about relevant issues in today’s society.


Mind Over Matter

by Aisha June

A music experience about healing from trauma and living as a lesbian.


Once Upon a Southside

by Enneressa Davis

A dance piece about the celebration of life in Southside Chicago.


Set the Example

by Example Setters

A spoken word show about the example teens want to set in Chicago.


Welcome to Limbo

by The Collaboraction Peacemakers

A poetic experience about the roles we do/do not contribute to current social issues.

Chicago: A Variation of Sandusky

by Dani Mauleon

A storytelling show about one undocumented immigrant living in America.


Nursery Rhymes

by Veronica Perkins

A play about police brutality and injustices in the black community.


For The Peace of The Land

by Antwon Funches

A poetic piece about how America’s history bleeds into today’s current issues.

Heal CTA

by Elenna Sindler, T’Yanna Smith & Sophia Pietrkowski

A play about a teen girl healing from trauma on Chicago’s public transportation.

Happy Place

by Ella Rae
An original song about being there for a friend at a tough time.


I Can Be All That I Believe

by Earl Hester

A poem, dance, and song piece about empowerment and pushing through doubt.



by Isabel Bravo and Sophia Bastounes

A musical theatre piece about love and healthy relationships.


When They Come Around

by Stella Moseley

An aerial silks and spoken word experience about pushing through fear and being brave.





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