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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peacebook? 

Peacebook is Collaboraction's annual performance festival of short works cultivating peace in Chicago. Peacebook was created as part of our mission to incite social change on Chicago’s most critical issues. Each performance concludes with a moderated Crucial Conversation on the themes of the performances and peacemaking in Chicago. Each work within Peacebook is supported with a full production team and artist stipends.


In 2016, the first Peacebook Festival launched, touring to the south and west sides of Chicago with free performances, workshops and meals. This has continued every year since, kicking off at venues like Goodman Theatre and Kennedy-King College, and touring to community parks in Austin, Englewood, Hermosa, and Lawndale. 


When is Peacebook? 

The next Peacebook Festival will be in August and September of 2020. Official dates and tour locations will be announced soon. 

What Are the submission deadlines?

Submissions for The Light are currently open and are due no later than December 1, 2019 at 11:59PM CST.
Peacebook submissions are currently open and are due no later than January 1, 2020, 11:59PM CST. 
Submissions for Encounter will open soon. Please check back!


Who should submit? 

Collaboraction welcomes anyone to submit a work to be considered, including theatre makers, community organizers and activists, poets and spoken word artists, dancer and choreographers, directors, musicians, and more. Submissions may be made by individuals, groups, or other performance companies.

Sumbissions for The Light are open to artists 21 years old and younger. There are no age limits to submission for Peacebook or Encounter.


What can I submit? 

Collaboraction welcomes submissions of short plays, devised theatre, dance, spoken word, poetry, and music that speaks to the themes of the festival you are submitting to.

Collaboraction welcomes submissions of performance work as well as individuals submitting for consideration as a director, performer, collaborator, designer, and more.


Individuals or groups may submit a work of any performance form or medium. The works must be 7 minutes or less for Peacebook and The Light. Works must be 20 minutes or longer for Encounter.


Are artists paid? 

Yes, Collaboraction pays all of the artists selected to be produced.


I'm a playwright And I need a director,

can you help me out? 

Yes, Collaboraction pairs all works with a director. Individuals interested in being considered to direct work may also submit their resume.


Is there casting assistance? 

Yes, Collaboraction has a casting director that provides full casting assistance for all works as needed. 


Can I submit to be considered for casting? 

Please email your headshot and resume to to be considered.

Have additional questions about the submission or audition process? 

Past Peacebook Festivals

Kaye Winks and the Cast of Hoods (Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)

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The Example Setters (Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)

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Kaye Winks and the Cast of Hoods (Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)

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Reviews from 2017

"And if a city like Chicago can be blessed with so many storytellers brave enough to put their names and narratives on the line, the least the other 2.7 million of us can do is be engaged enough to hear them."

-Chicago Reader, 2017

"...that the most vulnerable and misunderstood Chicagoans might heal by coming together and telling their stories. And it’s those pieces — the ones that are raw, intensely emotional and personal, in part because they are told by the individuals actually living these experiences — that Peacebook is most successful, and most vital." 

-Chicago Tribune, 2017

"This performance forced us to look at the reality of how we view a community through a group art therapy session that talked about our long established communication issues. Each person who represented a community gave us insight to what Chicagoans really thought about their neighborhood and provided viewpoints about other communities (usually negative) within the city.  They were very upfront about their pride and who they thought messed up the city’s family structure."
-Chicago Defender, 2017

2017 Peacebook Videos