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Red Island

Created by Carla Stillwell & Anthony Moseley

Written by Carla Stillwell

Directed by Anthony Moseley

Music by Shawn Wallace


Cousin Brother challenges his niece Future, a 16 year old aspiring musician, to make meaningful music that challenges this backwards world that we live in. But first Future must understand how we got to this era of inequity, hate and MAGA hats. 


Red Island is a musical satire that shines a light on our nation’s outrageous history and the ridiculous evolution of American "isms.” Red Island shows us how art and music can be the catalyst for a revolution.

Frontline Audience Campaign​

Red Island launches Collaboraction’s Frontline Audience Campaign, a dynamic new pricing model to attract first-time audience members to our south-side residency at Kennedy-King College in Englewood.


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Red Island is supported in part by:

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation

Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation

Awarded the 2020 Foster Innovation Award
Awarded the 2020 Multiracial Unity Award of the Racial Justice Task Force
Awarded a 2018 Otto Award for groundbreaking political theatre