Run Time: Approximately 95 minutes – Room 300



by Caitlin Parrish, directed by Josh Sobel

A cosmic story of two celestial bodies intertwining, told from an all-too-human vantage point right here on earth.


Sanatorium Story

by Seth Bockley, directed by Lydia Milman Schmidt

A child deals with his terrible illness and macabre surroundings through the comedic character Boob McNutt.


Goodbye, Night

devised by The New Colony

A medical breakthrough spawns a pill, which nullifies the need for sleep. But what happens when the well-to-do can reclaim a third of their life while the rest are left to sleep through it?


Until the World is Beautiful

by Jack Miggins, directed by Elana Boulos

While wandering the labyrinthine tunnels of a post-apocalyptic world, a man comes across a 2000-year-old pregnant woman longing to return to the surface.


Boys and Violence

by Mackenzie Yeager, directed by John Wilson

This parodic send-up of masculinity and morality features Andy and Ben, two young ‘boys,’ as they come together to play a harmless game of ‘Violence.'


Based on a True Story

by Usman Ally, directed by Sonny Das

When two friends stop over to catch a high school game at Ismail’s apartment, things turn heated when their schools’ mascots are shown to trade in vicious racial stereotypes. Nationalism and race collide in this satirical look at America’s cultural heritage.


The Rise and Fall of Everything in the World

by Brooke Allen, directed by Diana Raselis

What exactly is the value of a universe fashioned by two bored and aimless clown-like beings? And what would be its value if it could simply disappear?


10 Things

by Scott Tobin, directed by Emmi Hilger

At each sequential ten-year marker of his life, a man takes stock of all that he’s gained, all that he’s lost, and all that he continues to be grateful for.