Collaboraction will partner with Goodman Theatre to launch its second annual PEACEBOOK Festival with a marathon premiere of all 24 original dance, music, and theater performances on Saturday, August 26, 2017 in the Goodman’s 350-seat flexible Owen Theatre (170 N. Dearborn). 

Following its marathon debut at the Goodman, the festival’s 24 different acts will be separated into three eight-work compilations that will tour Chicago parks as a part of the Chicago Park District's Night Out in the Parks to venues in Englewood, Austin, Hermosa next fall. Panel discussions with diverse peace leaders, workshops, dance battle tournaments and free community meals, all aimed at inciting knowledge, dialogue and action around peace in Chicago, are part of every neighborhood performance.

The complete PEACEBOOK schedule is:

Goodman Theatre - August 26th - 3:00pm (Hamilton),

5:30pm (Kelvyn)8:00pm (La Follette)

Thursdays in the Parks - Workshop 6:00pm/Curtain 7:00pm

Fridays in the Parks - Workshop 6:00pm/Curtain 7:00pm

Saturdays in the Parks - Dome of Dance 3:00pm

Free Meal 4:00pm/Curtain 5:00pm

PEACEBOOK 2017 is free. Help us reach our goal of $15,000 to

help support free tickets for all at the Goodman and the Park Tour!   


WGN RADIO: Collaboraction Artistic Director and PEACEBOOK curator Anthony Moseley, GQ of The Q Brothers and performer Tyrone Taylor join Justin to discuss Collaboraction’s 2nd annual PEACEBOOK Festival. Click here to hear the full interview. 

ABC7 NEWS: Chicago's social issue-driven theater company, Collaboraction, is excited to bring their PEACEBOOK Festival back for its second year. Click here to read the full article. 

Chicago Tribune: Collaboraction second annual Peacebook festival kicks off at the Goodman theatre " to bring Chicago's wounds to the forefront." Click the photo below to read the full article.  

Kaye Winks and the Cast of Hoods (Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)
Artistic Director, Anthony Moseley  on ABC 7
GQ and Tyrone Taylor of 17 to New Life on WGN Radio




DANDELIONS by Marsha Estell, directed by Mignon McPherson Stewart

A heartfelt story about loss and how violence and peace are not always mutually exclusive.

EXAMPLE SETTERS by The Example Setters

A spoken word piece by teens who want to set the Example in the city of Chicago.


#HASHTAG WHO'S NEXT THE MUSICAL written and directed by Frederick Alphonso

A song that invites us to join/live the justice revolution through facing our constructed narratives around crime.


HOODS by Kaye Winks, directed by Schoen Smith

The Chicago family, made up of different neighborhoods in the city, sits down for group art therapy session to talk out their long-established communication problems.


THREAD devised by David Dastmalchian and Aisha June

LA film, TV, and stage actor, David Dastmalchian (The Dark Knight, Ant Man, Twin Peaks) returns to Chicago to team up with Collaboraction Teen Peacemaker ensemble member, Aisha June,  to write and perform in a devised work about Peace in Chicago.


MAKE PEACE led by Yuri Lane, directed by Elizabeth Lovelady

Human beatbox conductor, Yuri Lane leads a musical collaboration with rapper ang13, guitarist Marcus Dunleavy, and tap dancer Jabowen Dixen to inspire peace in Chicago.

TRIUMPHS, BURDENS, AND LAUGHS choreographed by Elysia Banks

South Side native, Elysia Banks, choreographs this dance piece that highlights the resilience of South Side communities and pays homage to their grit and fortitude.

CODE SWITCHING by Brian Keys, directed by Kristina Valada-Viars

Brian Keys’ solo show examines the confrontation between a black man and society that takes us to the core of our prejudices.

The Example Setters (Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)
David Dastmalchian and Aisha June in Thread 
(Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)
Jeremy Noah and the Cast of #Hashtag Who's Next The Musical  
(Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)


BARBARISM by Jason Grote, directed by Iris Sowalt

A woman with PTSD and apocalyptic survivor’s guilt takes us on an exploration of the gilded cages in her mind as she reveals the fragility of the human spirit.


CONFLICT devised by the Collaboraction Teen Peacemaker Ensemble, directed by Luis Crespo

The Collaboraction Teen Peacemaker Ensemble grapples with the real cost of hate in Chicago and its future.


ECKHART PARK ECHOES by Nancy Garcia Loza, directed by Juan Castaneda

A peaceful protest by way of storytelling from Nancy Garcia Loza: this solo-show offers a snapshot of her aunt’s life as it unfolded on a Chicago block for forty years in West Town.

FINDING A LOVING MOTHERLAND devised by Sami Hussain Ismat

A devised piece that explores what it means to be a Syrian refugee escaping war and moving to America to find yourself in a new world with different problems. The piece is devised by Syrian refugee Sami Ismat.


The piece examines the process of citizenship ceremony and raises questions about the meaning of home(land) for immigrants, beyond the issue of legalization and naturalization. 

RECIPE FOR PEACE devised by Dionne Hawkins

A cooking show where the host prepares the ingredients to create peace, by the artistic director of the Austin Town Hall Theatre Company.


VUELTAS adapted by Sandra Delgado from the writings of Sammy Rangel, directed by Miranda Gonzalez

Gonzalez collaborates with Sammy Rangel, author of “Fourbears: Myths of Forgiveness” and TED Talk standout to tell his inspirational story of hope and redemption.



This non-traditional theatre piece asks the audience to create gentle and joyful connections between strangers.



Sammy Rangel in Vueltas  (Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)
Collaboraction's Teen Peacemaker Ensemble in Conflict 
(Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)
Nancy Garcia Loza in Eckhart Park Echoes (Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)



17 TO (NEW) LIFE devised by GQ and Tyrone Taylor

GQ of the Q brothers and Tyrone Taylor co-create and perform this ritual of healing based on Taylor’s real life events, including murder, incarceration, freedom, and search for transformation.


Some Thoughts On Race and Racism In Chicago From Some People Who Aren't Sure What To Do And Who Sat Down And Talked About It

written and directed by Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman

This piece of verbatim theatre talks about race through white eyes, using words from a collection of interviews that shed light on how we see ourselves and each other as a community.


DEAR MASCULINITY by Eneale Pickett, directed by Rain Wilson

This play is a collection of letters written by men to their masculinity created by West side native Eneale Pickett.


EmpoWOMENt devised by Bril Barrett

Chicago tap dance legend Bril Barrett choreographs this team of female dancers exploring tap-dance as an effective form of protest and a powerful catalyst for change


HIGH AND DRY by Greg Hardigan, directed by Genevieve Fowler

A man has a chance encounter with a woman on the street and must confront his role in creating peace in Chicago.


THE HIGH PRIESTESS devised by Dr. Laura Biagi

Inspired by the two cards of the major Arcana of the Tarot, this performance art piece revolves around the power to give social meaning to sounds and the concept of failing and undoing by meditating on four alphabets: Sanskrit, Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin.


THE MAKING OF AN EXAMPLE SETTER by Sir Taylor, directed by Anthony Moseley

Collaboraction Artistic Director, Anthony Moseley, teams up with the leader of The Example Setters, Sir Taylor, to tell a new story of healing in Chicago.  


QUIET TIME by Erica Mann Ramis, directed by Nathaniel Swift

A woman's thoughts are played out on stage as she meditates in an effort to navigate the maze of her grief after the loss of her husband. 

PEACEBOOK is presented as part of the Chicago Park District’s Night Out in the Parks series, supported by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Arts programming in neighborhoods across the city advances the goals of the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Cultural Plan. Now in its fifth year, the 2017 Night Out in the Parks series will host over 1,000 cultural events and programs at more than 250 neighborhood parks throughout the city, making community parks a safe haven and hubs of activity. Projects will vary from traditional performances and concerts, to movies, peace rallies, community workshops, nature based programs, dance pieces, festivals, and more. The Chicago Park District has partnered with more than 100 arts and community organizations to expand and produce this successful initiative.

Sir Taylor in The Making of an Example Setter (Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)
The Cast of  EmpoWOMENt (Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)
GQ, Tyrone Taylor, and Jillian Burfete in 17 to New Life
(Photo credit: Joel Maisonet)