Collaboraction is an ethno-diverse theatre company using art to dismantle oppression and transform Chicago.

Collaboraction incites social change through original devised theatre and community engagement that cultivates knowledge, dialogue and action around Chicago's most critical social issues.


Our vision is to incite empathy, thought, dialogue and action through original devised theatre and live experiences made in collaboration with our audience and cultivating measurable change in attitude and behavior.


  • Theatre permeates all aspects of Life.

  • Theatre and collaboration are vital to humanity evolving towards equality.

  • Theatre CAN simultaneously be educational, entertaining and excellent, while inciting social change.

  • Art is only as effective as its ability to be shared from one person to another. Thus, to make effective art, we must both create a safe and liberating environment for process (artists) and performance (artists and audience).

  • Theatre creates empathy. Empathy is a catalyst for dialogue.

  • Dialogue is a catalyst for action.

  • Action is change.

  • We all have ignorance and we can erase it with knowledge acquired through experience.

  • We embrace and honor our differences and theatre should always be inclusive.

  • Every Chicagoan should have access to social contemporary theatre.


PHENOM & Toni Mono in Peacebook 2018 at LaFollette Park in Austin, Chicago - Photo by Joel Maisonet