Carolyn Aberman

Chicago School GPS provides services of consultation based on family’s needs. They assist families in ways to navigate researching, visiting, and applying to schools that fit their child. These services can be used for neighborhood public schools, selective enrollment, charters, magnets, parochial and private schools. They’ve recently added services in navigating special education.

Katie Peterson

Embarc is a three-year program that provides community-driven, experienced-based learning opportunities to low-income High School students to inspire and prepare them for college and career success. Embarc’s goal is to drive student success with long-term social and cultural exposure. Through the transformative power of these journeys, we awaken students to the possibilities of their potential by dissolving the borders of the city and in their minds.

Real Youth Program
Horrace Hall

The REAL Youth Program is a Chicago-based program designed to assist youth in developing critical thinking and effective communication skills. REAL helps children become more self-aware and insightful on social, economic, and political dynamics around the world through artistic expression. This program provides a safe space for young people to express who they are. In the words of one of their student founders, “REAL is a medium of expression for the previously unexpressed.”  REAL is also committed to informing communities to the thoughts and concerns of children and adolescents.

Educated Ventures
Christopher Nyren
Educated Ventures draws upon the fifty years of combined experience of its team, who all boast extensive experience in the education industry as well as direct experience working together in the global strategy and corporate development team for Apollo Group.

Community Partners

Raise Your Hand
Cassie Creswell

Raise Your Hand is a grassroots coalition of parents, teachers or the Chicago and Illinois public school system, and concerned citizens. They advocate for quality public education for all students by providing information on policies that impact public education, creating networks to share data and practices, and providing tools and support to enable schools and organizations, in Chicago and throughout Illinois.


ThinkCERCA is an online, CCSS-aligned literacy program with tools and content teachers need to help students learn to read closely, think critically, and develop powerful arguments. Teachers across subjects can use ThinkCERCA's differentiated resources and platform tools to collaborate strategically around student growth on academic reading and writing.

Consortium for Educational Change

The Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) builds collaborative structures, processes and cultures with and among key educational stakeholders including labor and management to transform educational systems to continuously improve student learning and achievement. CEC’s work focuses on Enabling district and school teams to be more effective and efficient in continuous improvement efforts by building educator capacity through coaching, training, mentoring, networking and facilitating.

Michael Rohd


Michael Rohd is the founding artistic director of Sojourn Theatre in Portland, Oregon; his work with Sojourn and with theaters and in educational, community, business and civic settings around the nation focuses on original devised work and engagement strategies for unique performance experiences that often utilize participation.