Family Tree Circles

Collaboraction will use their Family Tree Circle method to examine the role racism and white supremacy play in family history and how it affects lived experience today. 


In December 2020 and January 2021, Collaboraction will interview 50 people from across the city, with diverse backgrounds, histories, and experiences. The interviews will cover their family tree story, how racism has impacted their family history and how it affects their lives today, and their vision for racial healing.


Collaboraction will commission artists to use the interviews along with visuals and storytelling to create five videos that speak and respond to this cultural time. The videos will be shared through Collaboraction’s Together Network streaming platform, including as part of their Crucial Connections program and long-running anti-racism workshop, Becoming, throughout January 2021. The interviews will also be shared and archived on an interactive website where viewers are welcomed to add their own stories.

Collaboraction is honored to be a recipient of a Healing Illinois grant from the state of Illinois for its Family Tree Circle project. This work focuses on “Truth” within a larger “Truth, Healing, and Reconciliation” project for the company.

Awarded the 2020 Foster Innovation Award
Awarded the 2020 Multiracial Unity Award of the Racial Justice Task Force
Awarded a 2018 Otto Award for groundbreaking political theatre

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