Encounter 2018


Original Run Dates: February 3rd - February 24th, 2018


Selected works of theater, visual art, music, video, dance and more that all debuted in January at Encounter to four Chicago Park District locations in different parts of the city for free performances every Saturday in February as part of the Chicago Park District’s Night Out In The Parks series. Encounter is a winter festival curated around the theme of Racism and Racial Healing in Chicago.

Artists & Cast


  • Festival Director: Anthony Moseley

  • Associate Festival Director: Taylor Barfield

  • Producer: Sarah Moeller

  • Production Manager: Noelle Hedges-Goettl

  • Stage Manager Vault: Caitlin Body

  • Stage Manager Pentagon: Christine Lauer

  • Scenic Designer: Chas Mathieu

  • Costume Designer: Connor O. Speck

  • Lighting Designer: Levi Wilkins

  • Sound Designer: Sebby Woldt

  • Props Designer: Katy Vest

  • Video Designer: Liviu Pasare

  • Video Designer: Mike Commendatore

  • Video Designer: Parker Langvardt

  • Technical Director: Manuel Ortiz

  • Master Electrician: Becs Bartle

  • Assistant Stage Manager Vault: Jennifer Roseman

  • Box Office Manager: Julia Sears


Full Length Solo Shows

Reaction Time

  • Writer & Performer: Sonya Y. Jackson

  • Director: Wren T. Brown

  • Assistant Director: Hannah Baker

Not Quite: Asian American by Law,

Asian Woman by Desire

  • Writer and Director: Ada Cheng

Free Staged Readings

Some Thoughts on Race and Racism in Chicago

From Some People Who Aren't Sure What To Do

and Who Sat Down and Talked About It

  • Writer & Director: Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman

  • Director: Esteban Arevalo

#Hashtag: Who's Next the Musical

  • Writer & Director: Frederick Alphonso


Come My Beloved

  • Deviser: Emma Weinstein

  • Director: Lavina Jadhwani

A Blue Island in the Red Sea

  • Writer & Director: Anthony Moseley

18 encounter.jpeg

Short Work Collections


Soul in Suburbia

  • Writer: Dana N. Anderson

  • Director: Sandra Delgado

  • Herself: Dana N. Anderson

  • Therapist: Eva Saha

We Are Revolutionary

  • Writers, Devisers, & Ensemble:

    • Crystal Alagna

    • Aasiya Bintu-Bilal

    • Briana Smith

    • Gyna Thomas

  • Director: Luis Crespo

D on the South Side (Film)

  • Director: Diana Quinones Rivera


  • Choreographer: Yariana Baralt Torres

  • Performers:

    • Phoebe Coakley

    • Sarah Fleugel

    • Molly Gehrmann

    • Loretta Holmes

    • Abigail Newlon

    • Sharidan Rickman

    • Isabelle Taylor

    • Gina Wrolstad

Jets, Sharks, and Beckys

  • Deviser: Nancy Garcia Loza

  • Director: Laura Alcala Baker

  • Sonia: Erica Hernandez

  • Isabel: Maggie Scrantom

  • Diego: Diego Colon

Do You Love Me?

  • Writer & Performer: Jason Makia Robinson

  • Director: Genevieve Fowler


Dese Shoes

  • Writer & Performer: Loretta Hawkins


Exodus: Sounds of the Great Migration (Film)

  • Director: Lonnie Edwards

  • Executive Producer: Robin Malpass

The Blue Eyed Devil

  • Writer: Jharmaine Boyd

  • Director: Ashley Williams

  • Jonathan: Joel Hunt

  • Dorothy: Jharmaine Boyd


Gwendolyn Brooks:

Each Body Has Its Art

  • Music: Marcus Dunleavey

  • Director: Taylor Barfield

  • Choreographer: Elysia C. Banks

    • in collaboration with Michelle Reid

  • Dancer: Elysia C. Banks

  • Dancer: Michelle Reid

  • Guitar: Marcus Dunleavey

  • Cello: Alex Groesch

  • Voiceover (An Old Black Woman, Holess, and Indistinct): Angela Jackson

  • Voiceover (Patrick Bouie of Cabrini Green, Still Do I Keep My Look, My Identity, Paul Robeson, OLD): Ebony Joy

To the Border, Beyond, and Back

  • Writer & Performer: Daniela Maleon



Who R U?

  • Choreographer & Performer: Stephanie "Malibu" Banes

  • Artistic Director & Mentor

    • Daniel "BRAVEMONK" Haywood

    • Kelsa "K-Soul" Robinson

  • Producer: BraveSoul Management

Little Eyes

  • Deviser: Jamie Shriner

  • Performer: Time Brickey


Racism 101

  • Director: Dionne Hawkins

  • Director of Photography/Editor: Alexander Groesch


  • Choreographer: Sharidan Rickmon

  • Performers:

    • Alexandra Ditoro

    • Allison Haussler

    • Loretta Holmes

    • Charlee Morris

    • Isabelle Taylor

    • Virginia VanLieshout


Sir Taylor and the Example Setters

  • Writer and Director: Sir Taylor

  • Performers

    • Daquon Bakersville

    • LaShayla Bakersville

    • Sir Taylor

    • Zachary Stewart

    • Ledell Johnson

Of Wine and Chocolate

  • Choreographers: Elysia C. Banks

    • in collaboration with the performers

  • Performers:

    • Sarah Baker

    • Erin Coffman

    • Michelle Reid

    • Jasmin Williams

    • Kariele Williams


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(photos by Joel Maisonet)