Community Partners

Crime Scene: The Next Chapter features five Chicago Peacemakers that are using their past experience and current resources to make a real difference in the city of Chicago. Learn more about this amazing organizations, find out how to get inovled, or even donate to their incredible work by exploring them below.

The Hadiya Pendelton Foundation is a national non-profit organization committed to educating the public on the causes of gun violence and working with youth and community organizatios to provide positive change and opportunities for at risk youth. The foundation was started by parents Kleo and Nate Pendelton after the loss of their 15yr old daughter Hadiya Pendelton to gun violence. The organization and the Pendeltons have gained national attention from Chicago to the White House as they ask lawmakers and leaders in government to make policies protecting communities and todays youth. Through their efforts, they have kept the memory of Hadiya alive and  created a legacy of hope and postive change.

Project NIA strives to dramatically reduce the arrest, detention, and incarceration of youth by providing programs rooted in advocacy, education, and intervention. They use the principles of participatory community justice to offer a new way of thinking about crime and violence and instead promote the use of restorative and transformative practices, a concept that relies on community-based alternatives. They believe that communities are strengthened when local citizens participate in responding to crime, delinquency, and violence because they are more likely to tailor responses to the preferences and needs of victims, perpetrators, and their neighbors.

Kristin E. Ellis & Melvin Lyon

as Cleo & Nathan Pendleton

in Crime Scene: The Next Chapter

Example Setters

powered by Ignite One

Kristin E. Ellis as Mirame Kaba

in Crime Scene: The Next Chapter

Powered by Ignite One, an organization dedicated to giving children the skills and motivation to empower themselves to contribute to the well-being of our communities, The Example Setters is comprised of youth ages 6-18 who use Spoken Word Poetry as a way to ignite teens to rise above their situation and make a new, inspired life for themselves. They believe that by participating in experiential learning activities will allow students to make discoveries and experiment with knowledge themselves, instead of hearing or reading about the experiences of others. The Example Setters have performed throughout Chicago and promote a message of peace, transformation, and acceptance.

YMEN is an active member of the North Lawndale community and provides significant resources and holistic youth programming, including academic support, leadership development activities, and community service opportunities to young men and women throughout North Lawndale. They seek to prepare youth in North Lawndale for leadership by helping them grow in their faith and character, develop a love for learning, and use their talents to serve the broader community. They promote growth, transformation, and a safe environment for those who may not be receiving it or feel they deserve it.

Sir Taylor

in Crime Scene: The Next Chapter

Scott Ray Merchant & Michele Joy Stine

as Mike & Karen Trout

in Crime Scene: The Next Chapter