All artists and staff are given the option to work from their homes and are encouraged to make any custom safety requests. 

We've implemented the following policies and procedures:


  1. Mask Requirement: Everyone is required to wear a mask while in Collaboraction workspaces or event spaces. The only exception is for a solo performer inside the designated performing area during their specific filming time only. 

  2. Maximum Occupancy: Depending on the space, we only allow a maximum of 10 people in a room at a time. Now that the CDC and City of Chicago have been updating occupancy requirements, we will adjust accordingly. 

  3. Daily Check-in: There is a mandatory, daily, in-person/online check-in procedure, symptom, and temperature screening of every person before entering a facility utilized by Collaboraction. All in-person health checks will be conducted safely and respectfully, in a way that helps maintain social distancing guidelines. 

  4. Professional Cleaning/Disinfecting: All spaces utilized by Collaboraction during filming and events are cleaned daily. 

    This includes cleaning and sanitizing/disinfecting:
    + water vessels
    + seats and armrests

    garbage cans
    + dressing rooms
    and any other room, item, or material as needed!


  5. Social Distancing: We require people to practice social or physical distancing to stay at least 6 feet from other people.

  6. Data Tracking: Everyone must fill out the check-in form, which gives Collaboraction permission to share data, allowing us to support contact tracing if the needs arise.