A Blue Island in the Red Sea


Original Run Dates: April 12th - May 20th, 2018


An original devised piece, A BLUE ISLAND IN THE RED SEA unearths racism's impact on Chicago throughout the city's history and examines the effect of racism on individual residents of Chicago, including the artists on stage. 

BLUE ISLAND asks questions about Chicago's history and the need to utilize truth as a means of bringing the community together to face our biggest issues of segregation and economic disparity. 

Artists & Cast


  • Deviser and Director: Anthony Moseley

  • Producer: Sarah Moeller

  • Scenic Designer: Jose Manuel Diaz-Soto

  • Assistant Scenic Designer & Scenic Artist: Chas Mathieu

  • Costume Designer: Elsa Hiltner

  • Lighting Designer: Jeremy Getz

  • Lighting Designer: Levert Wilkins

  • Video Designer: Liviu Pasare

  • Video Designer: Parker Langvardt

  • Sound Designer: John Nichols III

  • Props Designer: Katy Vest

  • Fight Director: David Wooley

  • Choreographer: Elysia C Banks

  • Assistant Director: Genevieve Fowler

  • Dramaturg: Giulianna Marchese

  • Script Supervisor: Nate Fergusen

  • Collaborating Visual Artist: Robert Wapahimani

  • Collaborating Visual Artist: John Wilson

  • Production Manager: Noelle Hedges-Goettl

  • Stage Manager: Caitlin Body

  • Assistant Stage Manager: Sunniva Holmlund

  • Technical Director: Manny Ortiz

  • Master Electrician: Becs Bartle

  • Graphic Designer: Connor O. Speck

  • Photographer: Joel Maisonet

  • Board Operator: Carl Santiago

  • Box Office: Dalton Brown & Olivia Andrews

  • Violin: Jesus Linarez

  • Violin: Ning Siow

  • Viola: Kayla Patrick

  • Cello: Magdelena Sustere


  • Ensemble: Dana N. Anderson

  • Ensemble: Samuel Campbell III

  • Ensemble: Uday Sharad Joshi

  • Ensemble: Sean Patrick Leonard

  • Ensemble: Marcus D Moore

  • Ensemble: P. Tyler Nielson

  • Ensemble: Pearl Paramadilok

  • Ensemble: Esme Perez

  • Ensemble: Andrew Rios

  • Ensemble: Robert Wapahimani

  • Ensemble: Shannon Leigh Webber

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