Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology

Forgotten Future: The Remount


Original Run Dates: February 12th - March 22nd, 2015


Inspired by the dysfunction of the American education system, Forgotten Future: The Education Project explores three students' unique perspectives of the Chicago school system and how it both serves and is failing them and their potential future. Constructed from extensive research, the play tackles the key issues of inequities, cultural barriers and testing. The result is a unique, immersive theater piece designed to entertain and inform, as well as motivate dialogue.

Artists & Cast


  • Conceiver & Writer: Sarah Moeller

  • Co-Writer: Adam Seidel & Michele Stine

  • Co-Directors: Sarah Moeller & John Wilson

  • Set Design: Ashley Annwoods

  • Lighting: Heather Skye Sparling

  • Sound: Jeffery Levine

  • Costumes: Elsa Hiltner


  • Carolina: Esme Ayvar-Perez

  • Lauren: Leah Aberman

  • Issac: Tyrese Hall

  • Mr. Wright: JP Pierson

  • Ms. Mendoza: Jazmin Corona

  • Mrs. Fischer: Susie Griffith

  • Mrs. Rodriguez: Antonia Arcely

  • Mr. Perry: Nat Swift

  • Mrs. Tate: Anji White


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