This is Not a Cure for Cancer


Original Run Dates: February 20th - March 30, 2014


Collaboraction Artistic Director, Anthony Moseley, uses his personal experience with his father's battle with cancer as a theatrical lens for a meaning of life dramedy that takes a seriously funny look at cancer, the way we live, and the value of life. This is Not a Cure for Cancer, co-written and featuring Moseley playing himself, promises to attack cancer, its treatment, and the way we live with the same provocative, docudrama style as Moseley's Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology.

Artists & Cast


  • Lead Deviser & Director: Anthony Moseley

  • Producer: Sarah Moeller

  • Set Design: John Wilson

  • Lighting Design: Michael Reed

  • Video Design: Livui Pasare

  • Costume Design: Elsa Hiltner

  • Prop Design: Angela Campos

  • Stage Manager: Andrew C. Donnelly


  • Performers:

    • ​Anthony Moseley

    • Carolyn Hoerdemann

    • Lisandra Tena

    • John Ross Wilson

    • Nate Card

    • Antonio Brunetti

      •  Along with

        • Robbie Bersano

        • Shawn Casey

        • Laura Chernicky

        • Debra Lopez

        • Patty Malaney

        • Roy Rainey

        • Jordan Shomer

        • Grace Wagner.


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