Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology


Original Run Dates: February 18th - April 7th, 2013


A world premiere theatrical experience examining Chicago’s history of violent crime and what it might take to create lasting change. Conceived and directed by Anthony Moseley, the play couples nonfiction source material such as interviews, articles, and online comments with three true Chicago crimes to raise critical questions surrounding segregation, poverty, the news media, popular culture, and our numbness to it all.

Artists & Cast


  • Lead Deviser & Director: Anthony Moseley

  • Co-devised by an ensemble of community activists and Chicago theater professionals from diverse neighborhoods throughout the city, including:

    • Scott Baity Jr.

    • Victoria Blade

    • Sara Carranza

    • Luis Crespo

    • Miranda Gonzalez

    • Michael Johnson

    • Eddie Jordan III

    • Laura Korn

    • James Lynch

    • Patrese McClain

    • Eamonn McDonagh

    • Niall McGinty

    • Medina Perrine

    • Shavac Prakash

    • Adam Seidel

    • Lisandra Tena

    • Eric Walker

  • Producer: Sarah Moeller

  • Set Designer: John Wilson

  • Lighting Designer: Jeremy Getz

  • Video Designer: Livui Pasare

  • Costume Designer: Elsa Hiltner

  • Props Designer: Angela Campos

  • Dramaturg: Samantha Chavis

  • Stage Manager: Sara Caranza


  • Ensemble: Scott Baity Jr.

  • Ensemble: Victoria Blade

  • Ensemble: Luis Crespo

  • Ensemble: Michael Johnson

  • Ensemble: Eddie Jordan


Awarded the 2020 Foster Innovation Award
Awarded the 2020 Multiracial Unity Award of the Racial Justice Task Force
Awarded a 2018 Otto Award for groundbreaking political theatre